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The Available Disciple - Video
The Available Disciple - Audio
March 2019 - Baptisms
How Jesus Saves - Video
How Jesus Saves - Audio
The Isaac Generation - Video
The Isaac Generation - Audio
Refiner's Fire - Video
Refiner's Fire - Audio
God With Us - Video
God With Us - Audio
Gratitude - Video
Gratitude - Audio
The Way We Worship - Video
The Way We Worship - Audio
All Things
All Things - Video
How Jesus Saves
The Teachable Disciple
Follow The Leader
Alive to God

Pastor Brad encourages us with a message from Romans chapter six. Through this passage of scripture, we discover the importance of knowing that we are alive to God and dead to sin.

The Kingdom Of God
Run With The Horses
Plainview | Let Peace Rule

Pastor Brad unpacks a powerful truth this week in a stand-alone message. We discover that peace in our lives doesn't have to be a distant dream. Peace is possible!

Open Sunday | Empowered Life
Plainview | A Church that Fulfills the Purpose of God
Plainview | Success
Plainview | Unlimited Possibilities
Plainview | Immanuel - God With Us
Plainview | God's Not Mad at You This Christmas

This week, Pastor Brad brought us a timely and encouraging message. We learned that Jesus came to the earth to bring us peace, and we can experience His peace in our lives today.

Plainview | Justice At The Gates

This week, Pastor Paul Cypert shared a message with us on justice and righteousness. 

Plainview | Holiness
Plainview | Honor
Plainview | Reaching People
Plainview | Becoming Offense Proof
Plainview | Spirit Filled Church
Plainview | Crossing into a Double Portion
Plainview | The Power of Community
Plainview | All Things New
Plainview | Grand Opening Celebration
Plainview | Unleash the Power of God in this Land - Part 2
Plainview | Unleash the Power of God in this Land
Plainview | Right Side Up
Plainview | Victorious Works
Plainview | Death To Life
Plainview | Walking Through Open Doors in the West Bank
Plainview | The Stressed Life
Plainview | The Power of the Gospel
Plainview | Priesthood of Believers
Plainveiw | The Season of Giving: The Gift of His Presence
Plainveiw | The Season of Giving: Righteousness
Plainview | Gratitude
Plainview | God is a Builder
Plainview | Humility

Brad Snellgrove gives us the key to the future in God with a message on humility. 

Plainview | Alive In God
Plainview | FaithRighteousness

This week Pastor Brad Snellgrove shared his heart on "Faith Righteousness". 

Plainview | Our Mission

We had a special guest, Pastor Israel Ramirez, share a message with us titled "Our Mission".  

Plainview | Worship

To end 2014, Pastor Brad Snellgrove shared a powerful message about "Worship".

Plainview | Immanuel - God With Us
Plainview | What Are We Doing Here?

This week Pastor Brad Snellgrove shared his heart by answering the question "What Are We Doing Here?"

The Path to Godliness

This week, Chris Craig shared his message called "The Path to Godliness".

Plainview | On Mission

We had an open Sunday this week and Pastor Brad Snellgrove shared with us what it means to be "On Mission."

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