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This schedule will provide a general idea of what you’ll be doing each day on this trip.

  • • Day 1 – Arrive to our campus, register and meet your team! We will focus this night on understanding our goals for the mission trip and asking God to prepare us for ministry!
  • • Day 2-3 – Train for your mission trip on our campus. You will learn about the programs you’ll be leading and how to interact with the people of Honduras. You will also learn how to share your testimony effectively.
  • • Day 4 – Travel to Honduras. After arriving, you will get a chance to meet your ministry partner and they will help you get orientated to your surroundings when you arrive.
  • • Day 5-15 – Minister in Honduras and share your faith among the people there!
  • • Day 16 – Take a break and spend a fun day checking out tourist hot spots!
  • • Day 17 – Travel back to Garden Valley, Texas!
  • • Day 18 – Spend time celebrating with your new friends all God has done! You will also get critical “debriefing” training that will help prepare you to adapt successfully back into your own community and know how to share the story of your mission trip with your friends and family.
  • • Day 19 – Travel back home and continue making a difference in your community!


*Project Directors and Team Leaders are required to arrive to begin their mission trip with a Leadership Training Camp 3 days before the normal start date of the trip.

*Missionary Advisor Candidates, Country Assistants and Health Coaches are required to arrive to begin their mission trip with a Leadership Training Camp 2 days before the start date of the trip.

*This schedule is subject to change.


Fun Day

We will be working very hard on this trip as we are serving the people of Honduras, so at the end of the trip we will take a well-deserved break and experience our surroundings in a fun way!

Stop and shop at local markets to pick up the perfect souvenir for yourself, family and friends!



Participants will be asked to call home after they complete registration on the first day they arrive for their mission trip. After that, we will encourage everyone to refrain from making excessive phone calls during the training process, so we can focus on preparing for the mission ahead. There will not be very much time to call home during training.

The next time participants will be specifically asked to call home will be when they arrive in Honduras at their final destination.

Once ministry begins in Honduras, leadership will set aside specific times when participants will be allowed to utilize personal cell phones at their own discretion (no phones will be provided by Global Expeditions). These times will be very limited and may only occur every 3-4 days as the schedule allows. Please note that personal cell phones may be collected and held by leadership until designated talk times and that using a cell phone (even one with an international plan) is very expensive in Honduras.

It’s very important to understand we have found students are better able to engage in effective ministry when they are able to ‘unplug’ from texting and the technology around them, so we will request everyone to limit their communication to their parents only during their mission trip.

Of course our leadership (Team Leaders and Project Directors) will have cell phones to keep in contact with our offices and provide verbal updates to our staff at headquarters. The office will then keep your trip’s Facebook Page updated with information on how everyone is doing! Click here to become part of the Honduras Y 2013 Facebook Group!



The training in Garden Valley, Texas will start by introducing you more deeply to our core values and expectations and you will participate in sessions designed to prepare you spiritually and emotionally for this adventure. It will include team building activities and a chance to get to know your leadership.

Since we will be leading several community outreaches, you will learn your role in this and begin practicing with your team. You will also learn how to communicate your faith effectively and practice sharing your own personal story of how you became a follower of Christ.



All participants will be responsible to travel to the trip’s starting point: Garden Valley, TX.

Once you are accepted for this trip, you will have a Representative from Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions work with you to help you book a flight from your home airport to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport (DFW) through our travel partner (Skypass Travel) or provide you with the necessary information to be able to arrange for yourself to be dropped off directly at our headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas between 1pm-4pm. The costs associated with arriving at your trip’s starting location are not included in the trip cost and will depend on how you choose to travel.

IF YOU ARE FLYING: We recommend booking your flight through Skypass Travel Agency, because it will allow you to have your domestic flight cost added to the cost of your trip and then you can include it in your fundraising! Skypass will also communicate directly with our office to let us know when you are arriving, so we are ready for you! You should know that if you decide you would like to take the $69 Shuttle Service Global Expeditions provides, then your flight must arrive to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on your arrival day no later than 2pm.

IF YOU ARE DRIVING: Please let your representative know you will be arriving to the headquarters directly, so we can be prepared for your arrival. You will want to be dropped off between 1pm-4pm on your arrival day and you can have a friend or family member drop you off.

Once you have registered for your project on our campus, the round-trip flight to Honduras and all other travel will be secured by Global Expeditions.

The flight itinerary to Honduras is password protected for security purposes and only students confirmed on this project will be given the code to view this flight. Click here if you have the code [link will be activated April 2013].

On your arrival day, please wear the t-shirt mailed to you from Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions, so you can be identified easily by our welcome team!



AT CAMPUS IN TEXAS: When on the campus of Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions, you will be housed in dome style bunk huts that are cooled with industrial fans. There are lockers available for personal items and community shower centers are a short walk away from the sleeping quarters.

IN HONDURAS: We will be staying at a community building where the conditions are rustic, but comfortable.



For breakfast and dinner we’ll be eating Honduran food. We’ll also dine on Peanut Butter and Jelly lunches daily (better known around Global Expeditions as “PB&J!”) – This meal staple has actually become one of our well-loved traditions!


Ministry Tools

Ministry tools are practical devices we use to communicate the Gospel and the message of Jesus.

On this trip we will be doing children’s ministry, some skits/drama and community events, so in order to be effective we will be equipping teams with training to help bring these outreaches to life!

As well, everyone should have the opportunity to share their testimony. We call this “Personal Evangelism” and it will be our greatest ‘ministry tool’ of all!



We are currently looking for someone to lead worship during the evening sessions we’ll be doing with the teams in Honduras. If you’re 16+ and have experience leading groups in worship (Playing guitar and singing), please click here and find out more about this opportunity and how you can apply.

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