Honduras 2013

Honduras 2013 - 1Nation1Day

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On July 19, 2013, hundreds of Honduras’ political leaders will attend a conference in the heart of the nation’s capital. American and Honduran influencers will address the core issues the country is facing and conclude with a challenge for people to put their trust in Christ! In fact, President Lobo-Sosa signed a resolution declaring this day a national holiday and gave signed legal authorization and full support for hundreds of partnering mission groups, like the one you’re invited to serve on, to come and organize simulcast crusades in 19 major cities around the country on that day!

This summer you can join us and adopt a city!

In the days leading up to the crusade we will canvas the city through street evangelism, school assemblies, hospital and orphanage visits, and drama outreaches! As you infiltrate every demographic and help to actually facilitate this major event, you will proclaim the message that a return to God is the hope for Honduras!

Mission Trips & Dates

Trip  July 6 – July 24 | $3000
$2520 - Global Expeditions
$480 - Harvest Christian Fellowship 

Ministry Rating: 3 of 5
Physical Rating: 3 of 5
Must be 13 years old by trip start date
This Mission Trip starts and ends in Garden Valley, Texas.


This schedule will provide a general idea of what you’ll be doing each day on this trip.

  • Day 1 – Arrive to Global Expeditions campus, register and meet your team! We will focus this night on understanding our goals for the mission trip and asking God to prepare us for ministry!
  • Day 2-3 – Train for your mission trip on our campus. You will learn about the programs you’ll be leading and how to interact with the people of Honduras. You will also learn how to share your testimony effectively.
  • Day 4 – Travel to Honduras. After arriving, you will get a chance to meet your ministry partner and they will help you get orientated to your surroundings when you arrive.
  • Day 5-15 – Minister in Honduras and share your faith among the people there!
  • Day 16 – Take a break and spend a fun day checking out tourist hot spots!
  • Day 17 – Travel back to Garden Valley, Texas!
  • Day 18 – Spend time celebrating with your new friends all God has done! You will also get critical “debriefing” training that will help prepare you to adapt successfully back into your own community and know how to share the story of your mission trip with your friends and family.
  • Day 19 – Travel back home and continue making a difference in your community!


*Project Directors and Team Leaders are required to arrive to begin their mission trip with a Leadership Training Camp 3 days before the normal start date of the trip.

*Missionary Advisor Candidates, Country Assistants and Health Coaches are required to arrive to begin their mission trip with a Leadership Training Camp 2 days before the start date of the trip.

*This schedule is subject to change.


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