Our History

Dear Friends, 

In June of 1988, along with a small group of friends, D'Ann and I planted Harvest Christian Fellowship in our home. Some of you remember cramming into our cottage where the kids where literally peeling paint off the walls. Meeting in several locations around town and eventually purchasing our current facility allowed us to save our home! Thank you Lord!

What a bunch of fun memories - starting out in our home, making several moves and being small and off the radar so to speak. In those days and years we were able to grow and go deep with God. I am so grateful for the time and the moments that God blessed us with - moments of maturing, learning and even failing, but still getting bak up on our feet and going right back into the fray. 

I remember well how God led us to purchase our current facility - that in itself was a powerful miracle. I don't have the time in this letter, but ask me someday and I will personally tell you the story.

It's truly because of God that our church grew in a building with only two toilets. All the church growth experts said that it was not possible to grow, but we defied the odds and grew anyway.

Since then we've made multiple upgrades, added bathrooms and remodeled, but we're simply out of room. Our existing facility limits future growth opportunities.

Facilities are never the cause for church - people are the reason we meet together. To worship, to teach the Scriptures, to fellowship with Christ or simply further our walk with Him - these are the reasons we come together. However, facilities can either greatly help or hinder the ability to reach people.We believe that God has called us to reach 10% of our community. We want Plainview and its surrounding areas to have a church home that is life-giving, shows our Father's heart, teaches the 
Bible as truth, and is filled with the Holy Spirit. We want others to experience the love and transforming power of Jesus Christ the way we have. Purcasing the Kmart building will provide plenty of room for us to reach the vision and grow for years to come. I see us arriving at great destinations as our vision becomes a reality.

Let's "Reach Forward" together.

Paul Cypert
Founding Pastor & Lead Elder

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