Frequently Asked Questions

When do I begin giving?
We would like everyone to turn in their commitment cards on Sunday, November 11th and bring the first fruit offering of their commitment. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to turn in your commitment card the following week by placing it in one of the offering boxes or by mailing it to us.

What is a commitment card and why use it?
First, our commitment card is not a contract. It is a simple statement of intent. For church leaders, having knowledge of the dollar amount we can expect to receive is important for wise planning.

How much should I give?
The size of your contribution is a private decision we urge you to reach after prayerful consideration. Giving is a matter of faith. Give as God leads, nothing more and nothing less. No gift is too big or too small.

How often do I give?
You determine your giving schedule, but we encourage you to make a consistent, long-term commitment over the next 2 years.

Is my commitment confidential?
All commitments are absolutely confidential. Only the Leadership Team of our church will know the commitments that have been made.

Can I change my commitment?
Of course you can. Unforeseen events may allow you to increase your pledge or force you to lower your plan. If you need to adjust your commitment, simply call the church office and ask to speak to a pastor concerning your campaign commitment.

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