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Life Group Experiences

"We love going to life group!  Life group is a great time to pour into each other’s lives and into the lives of people that are a lot like us.  It gives us the opportunity to share life with other people and grow closer in our relationships with people we see at church.  The great thing about life groups is that everyone is there to edify each other.  We have fun and fellowship with awesome people.  We laugh and talk about all kinds of things.  Life isn’t always easy.  It is better when you get to share that life, the good and the bad, with others who care about you."

Cole & Veronica Watts 

"Lifegroup is so important to our family.  We were attending church for a few months before we found a lifegroup, and we loved Harvest from the beginning, but we still felt disconnected and we wanted to get to know people more than the quick meet and greet on Sunday mornings.  We found a great group of people to live life with and it changed everything.  The people in our lifegroup have become family to us.  We can hang out and laugh and if we have ever needed anything they are there for our family, with arms wide open.  It is more to us than just getting involved in church, it is building life long relationships that we are forever grateful for.  Lifegroup has been a lifeline for our family and we are so glad we took the plunge!"

Jason & Lainie Martinez

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