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Life Group Experiences

“I think we all go through seasons where simply getting through the day is a chore.  Seven months ago I found myself in just such a place and I had never even heard of Life Group.  A good friend invited me to her Life Group and it was full of people I’ve known most my life. My life changed that day.  Every day is a blessing and my life group family has walked hand in hand with me.  Each week we laugh together, cry together, eat together, pray together, study God’s word together, and grow together in Christ.  I will cherish these relationships the rest of my life.  This group, these people, have enriched my life and I thank God everyday
for Life Groups.” 

Dana Huggins

"We’ve been at Harvest for almost 13 years now. One of the first things we did when we got to Harvest was find a Life Group. We started at the home of Greg and Jill Brown and it was life changing. Never had we felt so loved and accepted by people outside our own family. Although loving and accepting, the Brown’s were constantly challenging us to change the old self and live a life that was more Christ-centered. We have been in several groups over the years and have loved each one. Harvest has become our family since we were college freshmen away from home. By attending Life Groups we developed our closest friendships with people who have walked us through both the joys and trials of life. We are blessed to share our daily life with the brothers and sisters we’ve made in Life Groups. If it wasn’t for Harvest, and mostly Harvest Life Groups, we would have left Plainview right out of college and moved far away. Life Groups changed our lives because they showed us the love of Christ in a way that was never condemning or judgmental."

Michael & Tissie Beasley

“Life Groups are actually the reason we came to Harvest. We were invited to visit a group and because of that experience we have made many friends and developed lifelong relationships in the Harvest family.  Since then we have attended several groups and have found them all to be very loving and comfortable. People feel free to be honest about their lives, which helps us when we find ourselves in similar situations. Not only have we found people in the same season of life as us, we have received wisdom from people who have played mentoring roles in our lives. Being a part of a Life Group is a great way to connect with people on a deeper level, and it allows us to be part of a community.” 

Ryon & Rachel Smith

“Life group is just what it says it is,  LIFE!  Heath and I feel it is a place we can go to find life, truth, and friendship.We have become like a little family. These are people we know we can call on for anything and they are willing to help, pray, or take care of whatever our needs may be. We feel that attending a life group is a vital part in growing our faith and creating relationships with the people of Harvest.”

Heath & Brandi McKinney

“Life Group to us is like getting to go over to my family’s house every week to share the love we all have for our Lord Jesus. Life Group has been a safe place where we can be real and get healing from everyday life and or long lasting storms. We had a long battle that lasted years and Life Group is where we would share our true feelings about how hard it as to be waiting on the Lord to answer our prayer. But every single time we had a warm understanding friend there to help us pray and love on us. The storm is over and our friends were there to share and rejoice with us. We thank the Lord for our Life Group and the life it brings to us both.”

Jordan & Christina Parker

"Life group is a refreshing time to just be yourself.  It is not just another check off our list of tasks but truly a time we look forward to being with our friends we live life with.  At life group,  we have found that we are able to just let all of our "junk" out and know in our hearts that our friends genuinely care and diligently pray for us.  We laugh, cry and sometimes even get a little frustrated just like you would in your own home.  Life group to us is just that, a home away from home.  It is a time to re?ect Sunday's sermon and it lends a helping hand for us to apply it to our daily lives.  At our life group you will usually ?nd us laughing at each other's made up accents and sometimes funny jokes or crying because of a loss or just about an issue one of us may be dealing with, but one thing for sure you will always ?nd us eating!"  

Jeremy & Heather Waller

"Life Group, to us, is a close bond to a small gathering of friends.  It is these friends that are a part of you to help you through any situation. They pray for you, they listen to you, and they care for you.  Life Group has changed our lives in that we know we have people we can count on, and lean on.  It has also been a learning experience for our Christian walk.  The lessons from Life Group have improved our understanding of the scriptures.  We are learning how we can apply the scripture to our lives.  We recommend a Life Group for everyone."

  Matthew & Amber Bell

"Life Group to us has been such a blessing. We have built new relationships with so many people that have been true examples of Christ, giving his life for us and his unconditional love for us. We always look forward to getting together with everyone, it's like a boost in the middle of the week! We always receive some kind of blessing or we get to bless someone else, whether it's by discussing the message from the Sunday before, prayer or praying for someone, or even just laughing and having fun with one another.  These relationships have become part of our growth in Christ and we are so grateful that Harvest has Life Groups."

Doug & Leann Blackerby

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