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Mark Leach

Unlimited Possibilities: Pt 1

February 16, 2015

Brad Snellgrove

The first installment in our Bravehearts Series - Unlimited Possibilities.

Releasing the Power of God

September 28, 2014

Brad Snellgrove

Session 2 of Fall 2014 Power UP

Power UP Fall 2014 | Session 1

September 28, 2014

Mark Leach

Session 1 of our fall 2014 Power UP

Primary Groups

September 7, 2014

Paul Cypert

Pastor Paul Cypert gives our CORE Leadership Community a great message warning about the potential danger of the formation of primary groups. 

A Tale of Two Loves

February 9, 2014

Paul Cypert

February CORE message from Pastor Paul Cypert entitled "A Tale of Two Loves" contrasting two disciples, Peter and John. 

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